The Adventure Genre

Adventure Genre in comicsIf you’re a thrill-seeker at heart and crave fast-paced, action-packed tales, then the adventure genre will be your ultimate companion. Strap on your hiking boots, sharpen your sword, and get ready to embark on daring quests with fearless heroes. Whether it’s exploring uncharted jungles in search of hidden treasures or sailing the high seas with a band of pirates, adventure comics will take you on a wild ride and leave you craving for the next exhilarating chapter.


Top 25 Best-Selling Comic Series Titles Of The Adventure Genre:

  1. “Tintin” (Casterman): Hergé’s beloved series about a journalist and his dog traveling the world.
  2. “Indiana Jones” (Various, including Marvel & Dark Horse): Comic adaptations and stories of the famed archaeologist-adventurer.
  3. “Conan the Barbarian” (Marvel Comics): Tales of the Cimmerian warrior created by Robert E. Howard.
  4. “Jonny Quest” (DC Comics): Based on the animated series, featuring the Quest family’s global adventures.
  5. “Corto Maltese” (IDW Publishing for English editions): Hugo Pratt’s tales of a sea captain’s adventures.
  6. “Prince Valiant” (Fantagraphics Books for collections): Hal Foster’s epic about a noble knight in Arthurian times.
  7. “The Phantom” (Various, including DC & Marvel): Lee Falk’s creation, known as the “Ghost Who Walks,” protector of the jungle.
  8. “Bone” (Cartoon Books): Jeff Smith’s epic about three cousins in a mysterious valley.
  9. “Nathan Never” (Sergio Bonelli Editore): A futuristic adventure series popular in Italy.
  10. “The Adventures of Asterix” (Hachette): René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo’s tales of a Gaulish village resisting Roman occupation.
  11. “Five Ghosts” (Image Comics): Frank J. Barbiere’s and Chris Mooneyham’s series about an adventurer possessed by five literary ghosts.
  12. “Skull Island: The Birth of Kong” (Legendary Comics): An adventure set in the King Kong universe.
  13. “Ka-Zar” (Marvel Comics): Adventures of the “Lord of the Hidden Jungle” in the Savage Land.
  14. “Tom Strong” (America’s Best Comics/DC): Alan Moore’s homage to classic pulp heroes.
  15. “Lobster Johnson” (Dark Horse Comics): A pulp-inspired hero in the Hellboy universe.
  16. “Rasl” (Cartoon Books): Jeff Smith’s series about an art thief who hops between dimensions.
  17. “Manifest Destiny” (Image Comics): A reimagining of Lewis and Clark’s expedition with supernatural elements.
  18. “Doc Savage” (Various, including Marvel & Dynamite): Comic tales of the iconic pulp hero.
  19. “Sea of Red” (Image Comics): A tale of pirates and vampires by Rick Remender.
  20. “Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters” (DC Comics): Mike Grell’s more grounded and gritty take on the Emerald Archer.
  21. “Lady Mechanika” (Benitez Productions): Joe Benitez’s steampunk adventure series.
  22. “Usagi Yojimbo” (Dark Horse Comics & IDW Publishing): Stan Sakai’s series about a ronin rabbit in feudal Japan.
  23. “Northlanders” (Vertigo/DC Comics): Brian Wood’s series on Vikings.
  24. “Uncharted” (DC Comics): Based on the popular video game series about treasure hunter Nathan Drake.
  25. “Blackhawk” (DC Comics): Stories about a squadron of World War II fighter pilots.

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