The Crime and Mystery Comic Genre

Crime and Mystery comic booksIf you have a knack for solving puzzles and enjoy a good adrenaline rush, then the crime and mystery genre is bound to be your cup of tea. Get ready to join brilliant detectives like Batman, Daredevil, and Sherlock Holmes as they crack mind-boggling cases and outsmart cunning criminals. With gripping narratives and intricate plot twists, crime and mystery comics will keep you turning pages late into the night, desperately trying to unravel the secrets hidden within their pages.



Top 25 Best-Selling Comic Series Titles Of The Crime and Mystery Genre:

  1. “Sin City” (Dark Horse Comics): A neo-noir crime anthology by Frank Miller.
  2. “Criminal” (Image Comics): A series of interconnected crime stories by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips.
  3. “100 Bullets” (Vertigo/DC Comics): A crime saga with conspiracy undertones by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso.
  4. “The Fade Out” (Image Comics): A Hollywood noir tale by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips.
  5. “Fatale” (Image Comics): Mixing crime and supernatural horror by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips.
  6. “Stray Bullets” (El Capitan/Image Comics): A series of crime vignettes by David Lapham.
  7. “Powers” (Image Comics/Marvel’s Icon): Superhero crime fiction by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming.
  8. “The Black Monday Murders” (Image Comics): Crime mixed with occult themes by Jonathan Hickman and Tomm Coker.
  9. “Scene of the Crime” (Vertigo/DC Comics): A detective story by Ed Brubaker, Michael Lark, and Sean Phillips.
  10. “Blacksad” (Dargaud/European): Anthropomorphic noir tales by Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido.
  11. “Miss: Better Living Through Crime” (European): Set in 1920s New York by Philippe Thirault, Marc Riou, and Mark Vigouroux.
  12. “Torso” (Image Comics/Marvel’s Icon): A true crime story about the hunt for a serial killer by Brian Michael Bendis and Marc Andreyko.
  13. “Stumptown” (Oni Press): A modern PI story by Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth.
  14. “Whiteout” (Oni Press): A crime thriller set in Antarctica by Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber.
  15. “Kane” (Dancing Elephant Press): A series focusing on a cop’s life by Paul Grist.
  16. “The Question” (DC Comics): The adventures of Vic Sage, a faceless detective, often delving into crime and corruption.
  17. “Green River Killer: A True Detective Story” (Dark Horse Comics): Based on the real-life serial killer case, written by Jeff Jensen and art by Jonathan Case.
  18. “The Killer” (Archaia Studios Press/European): A story of a hitman’s life by Matz and Luc Jacamon.
  19. “Parker” series (IDW Publishing): Adaptations of Richard Stark’s (Donald E. Westlake) crime novels by Darwyn Cooke.
  20. “The Last of the Innocent” (Marvel’s Icon): A mix of classic Archie-style nostalgia with dark crime, part of the “Criminal” series.
  21. “Sheriff of Babylon” (Vertigo/DC Comics): A crime tale set in post-invasion Iraq by Tom King and Mitch Gerads.
  22. “Murder Me Dead” (El Capitan): A modern noir tale by David Lapham.
  23. “Mister X” (Vortex Comics): A blend of noir and science fiction by Dean Motter.
  24. “Sam and Twitch” (Image Comics): Spinoff from “Spawn” focusing on two detectives, created by Todd McFarlane.
  25. “Goldfish” (Image Comics): A crime tale about a grifter by Brian Michael Bendis.

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