The Humor & Comedy Genre

Humor and Comedy genreThey say laughter is the best medicine, and in the world of comic books, humor and comedy provide the perfect prescription. From witty one-liners to slapstick antics, these comics will have you laughing out loud and brightening even the gloomiest of days. Whether it’s the misadventures of Deadpool, the hilarious escapades of the Teen Titans, or the sarcastic wit of Spider-Man, humor and comedy comics bring joy, lightheartedness, and a much-needed dose of laughter into your life.


Top 25 Best-Selling Comic Series Titles Of The Humor/Comedy Genre:

  1. “Calvin and Hobbes” (Andrews McMeel Publishing): Bill Watterson’s beloved series about a boy and his tiger.
  2. “Peanuts” (Fantagraphics Books for collections): Charles M. Schulz’s timeless series centered on Charlie Brown and Snoopy.
  3. “Archie” (Archie Comics): The humorous adventures of Archie Andrews and his friends in Riverdale.
  4. “Mad Magazine” (EC Comics/DC Comics): The iconic satirical magazine.
  5. “The Far Side” (Andrews McMeel Publishing): Gary Larson’s single-panel humor strips.
  6. “Garfield” (Ballantine Books for collections): Jim Davis’s series about the world’s most famous lazy cat.
  7. “Deadpool” (Marvel Comics): The Merc with a Mouth’s comedic, fourth-wall-breaking adventures.
  8. “Groo the Wanderer” (Various, including Marvel & Dark Horse): Sergio Aragonés’s bumbling barbarian.
  9. “Dilbert” (Andrews McMeel Publishing): Scott Adams’s office humor strip.
  10. “The Simpsons Comics” (Bongo Comics): Based on the long-running animated series.
  11. “Bone” (Cartoon Books): Jeff Smith’s blend of humor and fantasy in a graphic novel format.
  12. “Howard the Duck” (Marvel Comics): The misadventures of a talking duck trapped in a human world.
  13. “Bloom County” (IDW Publishing for recent collections): Berkeley Breathed’s satirical strip.
  14. “Spy vs. Spy” (MAD Magazine/DC Comics): The wordless, humorous battles between two spies.
  15. “The Tick” (New England Comics): Ben Edlund’s superhero parody.
  16. “Cerebus” (Aardvark-Vanaheim): Dave Sim’s series started as a Conan parody but evolved over time.
  17. “Get Fuzzy” (Andrews McMeel Publishing): Darby Conley’s humorous strip about a man, a cat, and a dog.
  18. “Scott Pilgrim” (Oni Press): Bryan Lee O’Malley’s series blending humor, romance, and action.
  19. “Hate” (Fantagraphics Books): Peter Bagge’s satirical series about the grunge era.
  20. “Chew” (Image Comics): John Layman’s and Rob Guillory’s comedic take on a detective who gets psychic impressions from what he eats.
  21. “Fables” (Vertigo/DC Comics): Bill Willingham’s series is a blend of fantasy and humor using fairy tale characters.
  22. “Lumberjanes” (BOOM! Studios): A series about a group of girls at a scout camp where supernatural events occur.
  23. “I Hate Fairyland” (Image Comics): Skottie Young’s twisted fairy tale comedy.
  24. “Squirrel Girl” (Marvel Comics): The comedic adventures of Marvel’s unbeatable Squirrel Girl.
  25. “Flaming Carrot Comics” (Various, including Dark Horse): Bob Burden’s surreal humor about a superhero with a giant carrot for a head.

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