The War Genre

War genre in comcisWar, what is it good for? Well, in the realm of comic books, war brings forth tales of courage, sacrifice, and the indomitable human spirit. Engage in the gripping narratives and gritty realism of war comics, where soldiers battle on the frontlines, friendships are forged amidst chaos, and the true cost of conflict is laid bare. From the intense stories of “Watchmen” to the poignant tales of “Maus,” war comics capture the harsh realities and complexities of armed conflict in a powerful and thought-provoking manner.


Top 25 Best-Selling Comic Series Titles Of The War Genre:

  1. “Sgt. Rock” (DC Comics): Chronicling the battles of the Easy Company in WWII, led by Sergeant Frank Rock.
  2. “The Nam” (Marvel Comics): Detailing the experiences of American soldiers during the Vietnam War.
  3. “Weird War Tales” (DC Comics): Anthology series combining war stories with supernatural elements.
  4. “Commando” (D.C. Thomson & Co.): British pocket-sized comic that’s been telling war stories since 1961.
  5. “Charley’s War” (Battle Picture Weekly by Rebellion Developments): A British series about a young soldier during WWI.
  6. “Two-Fisted Tales” and “Frontline Combat” (EC Comics): Groundbreaking war anthologies from the 1950s.
  7. “Blackhawk” (DC Comics): Adventures of a small team of WWII fighter pilots.
  8. “DMZ” (Vertigo/DC Comics): A tale set in a future American civil war by Brian Wood.
  9. “Punisher: Born” (Marvel MAX): The Punisher’s origin in the Vietnam War.
  10. “Enemy Ace” (DC Comics): Tales of a German fighter pilot during WWI and WWII.
  11. “War Stories” (Vertigo/DC Comics and Avatar Press): Anthology series by Garth Ennis detailing various wars.
  12. “The War That Time Forgot” (DC Comics): Soldiers vs. dinosaurs stories set during WWII.
  13. “G.I. Joe” (Various, including Marvel & IDW): The adventures of an elite military unit.
  14. “Maus” (Pantheon): Art Spiegelman’s Pulitzer-winning account of the Holocaust.
  15. “Battlefields” (Dynamite Entertainment): Another Garth Ennis series, focusing on different aspects of WWII.
  16. “The Other Side” (Vertigo/DC Comics): A story set during the Vietnam War by Jason Aaron.
  17. “Warlord” (DC Comics): Combining war with fantasy as a pilot finds himself in a prehistoric world.
  18. “It Was the War of the Trenches” (Fantagraphics Books):– Jacques Tardi’s WWI graphic novel.
  19. “White Death” (Les Cartoonistes Dangereux): A tale of the Italian front in WWI.
  20. “Red One” (Image Comics): A Cold War spy story set in the 1970s.
  21. “The ‘Nam” (Marvel Comics): A realistic portrayal of the Vietnam War.
  22. “Johnny Red” (Battle Picture Weekly by Titan Comics for reprints): Following a British pilot in the Eastern Front of WWII.
  23. “World of Tanks” (Dark Horse Comics): Based on the video game, showcasing tank battles of WWII.
  24. “Blazing Combat” (Warren Publishing): A 1960s war anthology series inspired by the likes of EC Comics.
  25. “War Is Hell” (Marvel Comics): Featuring various war tales, including stories about a WWI flying ace transported to other wars in time.

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